1. 8 Beautiful Photos of Autumn Around the World

    2020-10-27 19:47:00 UTC
    It’s officially Autumn! However, living in south Florida it still feels like it’s summer with temperature’s still in the high 80’s. So in an effort to live vicariously through my past travels I decided to put together a little gallery of photos to take me back to some cozier times…

  2. South Florida Realtor Lifestyle Photoshoot for Compass

    2020-10-05 15:47:21 UTC
    Another successful lifestyle photoshoot for south Florida Compass real estate agents Alex Platt and his team.  If you are a south Florida real estate agent looking for powerful images to market yourself to your local real estate market contact me here to book a shoot! 

  3. 3 Modern Kitchen Designs

    2020-10-05 14:48:00 UTC
    A look back into my archive of some of my favorite kitchen designs! Photography by Shelby Cooper 

  4. Boca Raton Lifestyle Shoot for Husband and Wife Real Estate Team

    2020-09-10 16:05:00 UTC
    Compass  real estate agents Deniese and Al Torres are a husband and wife real estate team in Boca Raton, Florida. Both Deniese and Al have a great sense of style and their wardrobe choices combined with the chosen locations really made for a successful lifestyle shoot. Here are some of…

  5. 10 Modern Wallpaper Design Ideas

    2020-08-25 17:40:00 UTC
    Wallpaper is not like it used to be and it’s making quite the comeback as I’ve noticed in photographing many of Sonder’s units throughout south Florida. Sonder is a $1 Billion dollar hospitality company that combines the best parts of hotels and private-home stays. They also have an in-house interior…