Bosman Family Winery in Wellington, South Africa

A few years ago I had the great opportunity to travel to South Africa with a travel content production channel. It was a 14 day trip trekking all over the beautiful country and it was one of my most memorable travel experiences to this day. Towards the middle of our trip we had various Winery visits planned and a visit to Bosman Family Winery in Wellington was our first. It was clear upon arrival that there was something unique about this winery. Bosman’s value system is based on environmental and social responsibility. Since 2009, a worker’s trust was established that gives employed workers a 26% stake in the business. According to their website, ‘The mutual agreement between the Bosman family and the members of the Adama Trust is to continuously strive to create and implement projects that will build a sustainable future for not only the community, but also for the environment which they all call home.’ 

Bosman is not just a wine producer but is also home to one of the most influential vine nurseries in Africa. WOW! You can see in the photos below the workers planting individual vine babies also known as “stokkies”. The wine, the people, the beauty of the property, I was just blown away by Bosman. I’m no wine connoisseur but getting to know this family business has encouraged me to become more of one!

Check out some of the photos from our time on the vineyard and if you get a chance to visit South Africa, make sure not to miss this winery!

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